Frequently asked questions

What is the charge for indexing a dxdoi ?

We are please to say we do not take any charge for assiginig a dxdoi to any article.

How much time you take to assign a dxdoi ?

It can be maximum 4 working days.

Is there any review process before uploding to the database of dxdoi ?

To maintain the standards of the database we have strong plagarism checker.

What are all the containts that can be indexed to this dxdoi database ?

You are welcomed to index any of your creation/ invention. Several catagiries like articles, journals, photographs, videos etc.

How much charge is there to use dxdoi for business ?

You can easily use dxdoi if you are a publisher. Visit pricing table for more detailed information.

What is the way to get refund after opting a business plan ?

We request you watch the relevant videos about how DXDOI works, if your interest cathches then only take premium plans. But after opting a specific plan this can not be reversed.

After indexing a dxdoi how many days it will be connected ?

Unlimitted days it will be connected. Once connected without the submitter request (from the original email) the link will not be deactivated.

How to de-assign a dxdoi ?

Mail us form the same email address form which you requested for indexing. Otherwise mail us the dxdoi security code.

What is dxdoi seurity code ?

This is an authorintication code for indivudals to identify the genuinity. That code is shared to the submitter mail.



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